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Learn to see the world

I am attracted to those perspectives that are out of my current reach. If I have a vision that one or another object will look very unusual than I will do everything possible to capture this vision. The image in my head is set with lightning speed – the space, the form and the rhythm. Single moment and I am building composition of geometric component that is interconnected with my internal aesthetics. In order for this to happen, intention has to be clear and not mixed with anything. You need to learn to see this world, which means understanding of it.

— Zalman Shklyar

A few words from the world's top photographers

"Thank you for showing me some of your work. I really don't think you need any advise from me. You have a good eye for composition as well as for subject matter. Your work shows a very creative eye for choice of subject. In some cases it reminds me of the Film Noir style of motion picture work. very exciting... Sincerely, Bill Rauhauser"

Bill Rauhauser

"Dear Zalman, I have 3 sons and I never made a critic about their work. I only can say if I like or don't like. I like your work. Very nice, Zalman! I wish you all the best"

Rui Palha

"You have your own world, and I value it… you feel geometry."

Gueorgui Pinkhassov

"I have enjoyed looking at your photographs. Nice work. You are doing good work... Your black and white images are very good. I hope you keep working at your passion..."

John Free

"I very like that you said. The real "key", as I understand it, is to be able to predict, foresee the critical. Your photo works also are very powerful.I hope can see your wonderful works in the further..."

Yao Jui-Chung

"I was interested in one element... The Cartier Bresson esthetic, to which you adhere, hopes to discover something the photographer was not looking for, On the contrary, you obtain consistent pictorial results. Judging by what I saw, I think your work is rather studied and favors a kind of still life atmosphere, with emphatic figure ground accent."

Max Kozloff

“I am very much impressed - you have a great way to approach people and observing what they are doing without disturbing them. Good use of shadows and bizarre moments... I wonder if you think in stories, like telling us something about one person or events or about a country - that is something which, I think, is hard or impossible to do in Instagram which lives by single snaps only. Anyway, I like your work and hope you can publish a book or at least telling a story about a person or a situation.”

Thomas Hoepker