Current employer and position

Founder of ZS Photo Agency (Russia) with over 25 years of experience in the field of photography

Creative credo

Learn to see the world

«I am attracted to those perspectives that are out of my current reach. If I have a vision that one or another object will look very unusual than I will do everything possible to capture this vision. The image in my head is set with lightning speed – the space, the form and the rhythm. Single moment and I am building composition of geometric component that is interconnected with my internal aesthetics. In order for this to happen, intention has to be clear and not mixed with anything. You need to learn to see this world, which means understanding of it.»

Membership in professional associations

General info and style

Artist works in «street photography» and «noir» styles of photographic art. The human body plays an important poetic role in the picture which at the same time follows strict geometrical forms of surrounding architecture. Each piece of art represent the artist’s point of view which is dictated by his feelings and emotions.

Reviews by renown photographers

The works of Zalman Shklyar have received numerous positive reviews from world-renowned photographers and art-critics, among them Max Kozloff, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Bill Rauhauser, Rui Palha, John Free, Boris Savelev, Thomas Hoepker and other.

Personal exhibitions

  • Poetics of Street-Photography. Human in geometry // The Art Club ‘182m2’. Russia, Moscow, 2015
  • Metaphysics in street photography // The A.P. Bogolub Art Library. Russia, Moscow, 2016
  • Psychedelia of street photography-1516 // The Moscow Photo Club ‘Novator’. Russia, Moscow, 2016
  • Street. The decisive moment// The Riga Congress center. Latvia, Riga, 2017
  • Symphony of the streets//Art Gallery Zahradnik. Czech Republic, Prague, 2017
  • Colorless M. city// Gallery A3. Russia, Moscow, 2017
  • The street//The Russian Cultural Center. Israel, Tel-Aviv, //The Jerusalem House of Quality. Israel, Jerusalem, 2018
  • Color rendering//Blank Wall Gallery. Greece, Athens, 2018
  • Bud-a-Pest 16//The center of culture and art ‘Meridian’. Russia, Moscow, 2018
  • Italian Kaleidoscope // State Museum of the History of St Petersburg. Russia, St Petersburg, // Gallery XXI veka. Russia, Moscow, 2018
  • Salki and Grazhdanskaya Oborona // Gallery Izmailovo. Russia, Moscow, 2018
  • Street photography and the metaphysics of the view // Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Ukraine, Odessa, 2020
  • The elusive impulses of the streets// Russian Museum of Photography, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, 2020

Collectives exhibitions

  • Planet Moscow. Street photography// The Government of Moscow, VDNKH exhibition complex & The Dom na Brestskoy exhibition Center.  Russia, Moscow, 2016
  • Parallels//The Avanguard Сenter of сulture and arts.  Russia, Moscow, 2016
  • The Novator photoclub and the Yubileinaya exhibition// The Tushino exhibition Сenter. Russia, Moscow, 2016-2017
  • V Photobiennale of modern photography//The State Russian Museum. Russia, St Petersburg, 2019
  • The Novator photoclub and  the exhibition ‘I can see that’// The Tushino exhibition Center. Russia, Moscow, 2020



Reviews and criticism