About the photographer


Zalman Shklyar – a well-known Russian photographer, with a career that spanned for over 20 years. The main themes of his work are street photography with elements of noir and avant-garde.

Although Zalman lives and works in Moscow, he travels around the world, which is reflected in his work. He is the founder and manager of ZS Photo agency, as well as a member of the Street Level Photography associationthe Union of photoartists of Russia,  the World Photography Organisation, the World Street Photography Organisation, the Moscow Novator photoclub, Head of photo school  ‘The decisive moment of Zalman Shklyar  and is the chief editor of the online journal “Photoculture” .

Zalman discovered the world of photography through the Torah. “The World, that our creator has founded, is diverse and one of my tasks as a photographer is to uncover this beauty and clear it from unnecessary husk” explains the photographer in an interview for RosPhoto magazine. “It is similar to a bunch of grapes surrounded by leaves: on the one hand they protect it, on the other the most valuable is the grape itself. In other words, a world of photography does not exist as a separate substance. It is an instrument for revealing holiness. And if it is in the right hands, mind led, then the problem will be solved and the goal reached.”

The works of Zalman Shklyar have received numerous positive reviews from world-renowned photographers and art-critics, among them Max Kozloff, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Bill Rauhauser, Rui Palha, John Free and Thomas Hoepker.

Personal exhibitions
  • Poetics of Street-Photography. Human in geometry // The Art Club ‘182m2‘. Russia, Moscow, 2015
  • Metaphysics in street photography // The A.P. Bogolub Art Library. Russia, Moscow, 2016
  • Psychedelia of street photography-1516 //The Moscow Photo Club ‘Novator’. Russia, Moscow, 2016
  • Street. The decisive moment//Riga Congress сenter. Latvia, Riga, 2017
  • Symphony of the streets//Art Gallery Zahradnik. Prague, Czech Republic, 2017
Collectives exhibitions
  • Planet Moscow. Street photography// The Government of Moscow, VDNKH exhibition complex & Dom na Brestskoy exhibition center.  Russia, Moscow, 2016
  • Parallels// Avanguard сenter of сulture and arts.  Russia, Moscow, 2016
  • Novator photoclub and Yubileinaya exhibition// Tushino exhibition center. Russia, Moscow, 2016-2017
Interviews and Publications
Lectures and Talks
  • The architecture of the Moscow Soviet avant-garde 1920-30 period. // Russia, Moscow 12.07.2015
  • The suddenness and metaphysics in street photography// Russia, Moscow, The classic photo gallery, 15.07.2016